'Why would anyone want temporary paint .....?'

That is the question we’ve been asked a thousand times, which is not surprising since most paint manufacturers spend enormous sums of money trying to make their products last longer!

 RENU temporary paint allows the amateur (and professional) creative to have an “undo” option. If you make a mistake or just want a change then you can remove our paint and start again. Our temporary paint technology provides a flexible way of being creative and expressing your personality with a simple undo option1

Quick drying, durable and easily removed when needed

RENU is very durable and dries in a matter minutes. It will withstand most conditions and remain scratch resistant for many months. In addition, touching-up is so easy that you probably won’t even notice where any reworking has been done.

So many potential applications

You name it and we’ve probably painted it – cars, buses, aircraft, military vehicles, buildings, mirrors, glass windows & doors, tiles, displays… the list is endless.

All painted on a temporary basis and every single job has subsequently had the paint removed afterwards to reveal the original surface completely unmarked.

Check out the “projects” section for some examples.

You don't need to be an expert

You don’t need to be an expert to use RENU aerosol paints, as long as you follow the simple instructions on the can. In fact we believe it’s more difficult to create a bad job.

Meet our talented team members (coming soon)

We are always developing new technology and ways to use the RENU system.