Our Story

A family business
A family affair and family values

Our Company

DIY Stirrer
We started off creating paint in our garage!

While we have been working on the technology for quite some time, it was in May 2015 that we set up RENU TPS Limited and were ready to get to market.

As a start-up company with a great technology, but with limit funds, we quickly realised that we needed to search out and associate with the “right kinds” of support businesses and people.

We believe that business based on trust, decency and exceptional service forms long term partnerships and friendships that last.

We want our products to be the best they can be and we want to grow a loyal customer base that enjoy our products and helps us make even better products over time.

We are a family business. We want to work with other businesses that adopt Family values. This is important to us.

The Lean and Agile approach

Our Business Model

Our break-through moment in getting our technology into useful products was reading “the Lean Start-up”, by Eric Ries. This book was the catalyst that lead us to embrace Continuous Innovation and Improvement, Minimum Variable Products (MVP), validated learning and adopting a lean and agile approach to business.

Our technology has many uses, however, it wasn’t until we adopted a MVP approach and decided to focus initially on the Car Customisation market and the Temporary Road Markings market that we started making head-way.

The tools introduced by the Lean Start-up have streamlined our approach and operation. It has saved us time and money.

Trial and error plus perseverance

Our Technology

We have created an innovative new paint technology that performs to a permanent paint specification yet can be easily removed with our simple non-solvent remover without leaching or damage to the underlying surface.

This technology is a “risk-free removable paint system” or, to put it another way, “paint with an undo option”, and we call it the RENU Temporary Paint System.

This is a unique and novel technology and we have solvent-based and water-based variations.

As advocates of agile approaches and the lean start-up model we set about establishing our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) upon which to establish and test hypothesis to gauge commercial viability.

Our initial MVP involved incorporating our solvent based paint into simple to use aerosol cans and we created the RENU Temporary Paint System (TPS).

RENU temporary paint initially comes in 300ml aerosol cans and when applied to a surface it performs just like a permanent spray paint. It is rich in colour and designed to be applied in one coat. It is also quick drying and very durable. However, if you make a mistake during application, change your mind or just choose to remove the paint, you simply apply our non-solvent, eco-friendly, simple-to-use remover gel and the paint wipes clean off – with no damage or leaching to the underlying surface.

Our choice of MVP was influenced by choosing the customisation / personalisation of cars as our initial market focus; applying racing stripes, fancy graphics, car tattoos and signage. RENU works on paint work, glass, plastic, chrome and alloys without damaging the surface. Any creation can be simply removed and therefore won’t affect resale value. We realised that our paint had effectively created the “Car Canvas” and brought risk-free car customisation to the mass market.

Through extensive testing we quickly realised the product has potential and we decided the best way to test this hypothesis was to pitch to a large high-street retailer . The pitch went very well indeed. They were extremely impressed at the performance and, in particular, the simplicity of the system. NDA’s were signed and their QA team have reviewed and approved the system. We had our validation and that is how we started.